A couple gets stuck in a snow storm

A couple in Victoria, British Columbia, got stuck in the snow storm last week after their home was swept away by a large wave, according to a CBC News story.

The couple was in their garden when the wave hit and a tree snapped in half, breaking off a limb.

They said they could hear the tree’s crunching as it hit the ground, and the roof was damaged.

“I can’t believe that it’s happened in my garden.

I thought it was just an ice storm or a thunderstorm or a storm of some kind,” said the homeowner, who requested his surname not be used to protect his privacy.

“I just felt a bit helpless.

It was just a bit of a freak accident.”

They said that they were worried about their property, which was on a private property, and that they didn’t have a flood insurance policy.

“There was a bit more water than we expected and we did have to do some repairs, but it was worth it.

We’ve got all the water in the house now,” said Jason Dickson.

The tree snapped off of a limb as the wave was too large to stop The couple said that after getting the call, they went to a local emergency shelter, where they were treated for minor injuries.

They are now back home and said that the storm was a “good lesson” in the importance of having a storm shut down.

A couple who was swept off a tree in Victoria has had to call police to get help in their storm damageA tree fell on a couple in a residential area of Victoria, B.C., in what they described as a freak storm on Friday.

The home was in a garden in their yard, but they were unable to get out of the garden because it was “not safe to walk through,” the couple said.

“We were looking down at the tree when it fell and it fell on the second tree in the garden and broke,” said Dickson, who has lived in the same garden for about a decade.

The couple said they were advised by a neighbour that the trees on the property were damaged, but the neighbour did not tell them the damage. “

We couldn’t get out because there was water all over the place and we had broken windows.”

The couple said they were advised by a neighbour that the trees on the property were damaged, but the neighbour did not tell them the damage.

“They just thought we had a storm on the way, so we said, ‘well, what about us?'” said Denton.

“The tree was just so big that it broke a window and then there was a big hole in it.”

Dickson said they spent a few hours getting their damaged home fixed before the storm, but were still in need of a storm cover.

When asked if he would be taking the storm damage as a lesson, he said: “It’s a good lesson for everybody.”

“It’s been a good learning experience for me because I didn’t think about the tree breaking, I didn.

I didn [think] it was a bad thing,” said another neighbour, who asked that his name not be published to protect the privacy of the other occupants.

The tree that fell on their property had broken a window in the home.

The neighbours had to get rid of their belongings because of the damage, but said that their garden was still fine.

Denton said that he plans to call the police, who will assist them in finding out how the incident happened.

While the tree has fallen and is out of its home, Dickson said that other trees were also damaged.

They will try to put up a storm protection plan in case it happens again. ABC/wires

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