Chicago’s Ninja indoor grill to open this fall

Chicago’s indoor outdoor rug restaurant, Ninja, is going to open its doors this fall with a three-course dinner menu, the company announced.

The restaurant, located at 818 W. Clark St., will be named Ninja.

The restaurant will also have a two-course dining menu, with prices starting at $25 per person.

The menu will include:Chef Dan Pabon will serve the three- course dinner menu.

The menu will also include a vegetarian option for $14 per person, and two vegetarian options for $22 per person.

“This is an incredibly unique dining experience,” Pabons executive chef Dan Pabsch said in a statement.

“We will be serving up the best Japanese-inspired food that Chicago has to offer.

We will have the freshest ingredients, all prepared and cooked to our exacting standards.”

The menu is expected to be available at the restaurant beginning this fall.

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