Fox Sports 3: Best indoor golf cameras

Fox Sports is offering an indoor swing on its Golf Channel for $99.99.

The $99 price tag is a slight drop from the $139.99 price you pay for the $159.99 indoor golf camera, but it is still a lot less than the $199.99 model available from

If you are looking for a little more bang for your buck, the Golf.

Com model is still available for $199 on its website.

The new indoor golf camcorder features an LED screen and a 3-inch touchscreen, as well as a built-in wireless remote control.

You can also choose to buy the indoor swing for $29.99 instead of the $49.99 for a two-hour demo.

Fox Sports will also offer the indoor golf swing for free with a Golf.TV subscription.

If the Golf Camcorder isn’t for you, you can always check out the new Golf Tracker, which is $99 and offers the same features as the indoor version of the golf camera.

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