‘Growing Lavender’: What you need to know

You’ll need:A greenhouse, or one that you can grow in a container.

You’ll need to prepare the soil.

You will need to get a soil pH of 6.8, but this is the recommended level for your garden.

You can also get soil pH checked at your local pharmacy.

You may need to add organic matter to your garden soil to help the plant absorb carbon dioxide.

The plant will need at least two hours of light a day, with an average of 12 hours a day.

You could also use a soil conditioner or organic compost to get the soil to the ideal pH.

The garden should ideally be planted with an abundance of plants and you can have a sprinkler system that will help to keep the soil at the ideal moisture level.

To make the best use of the garden you will need:Garden watering can(this is a good option if you don’t have a garden irrigation system), a sprinkling machine and a soil conditioning tool.

A garden light and a watering pipe(you can buy a garden light or you can use a garden hose to water the garden)The plant needs water to grow.

A greenhouse or a growing lavender indoor hydroponics systemThe plant must be allowed to grow for at least four weeks before planting it, with the option of extending the period to six weeks if the plant is very young.

The plants roots will need water every day during the growing season.

If you are planting indoors, you will want to provide plenty of water and humidity.

The water should be at least six hours per day, and should be mixed with a garden water filter.

If the plants roots are not getting enough water the soil will become sticky and will be hard to water properly.

To prevent this from happening, the plant will be kept in a cool, dry place.

You should also consider placing a few small containers of water in your greenhouse, for example a small glass container with the lid up.

You are also encouraged to consider adding a few plants to your greenhouse to help increase the plant’s productivity.

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