How to build your own indoor bounce home with reclaimed wood

You can build a bounce house on reclaimed wood, which is an environmentally friendly material that is also durable and recyclable.

Here’s how.

What you’ll need to do:1.

Decorate the house2.

Build a backyard3.

Take a look at how to make the house4.

Cut the house in half5.

Hang the house from a tree6.

Hang it on a pole7.

Hang an LED sign8.

Take pictures of the house with your phone9.

Hang a banner on the wall10.

Hang some LED lights11.

Hang decorations from the ceiling12.

Hang your clothes13.

Hang posters14.

Make the house glow with a lamp15.

Take photos with a phone16.

Hang one of your favorite books17.

Take photographs of your backyard18.

Hang something with the house19.

Hang clothes with the backyard20.

Make a fire pit21.

Make your own fireworks22.

Make an outdoor bar23.

Make sure the house is cool and dry24.

Add a fireplace25.

Make fun crafts for the kids26.

Make crafts for your friends27.

Share your ideas on Instagram28.

Make DIY projects29.

Make some DIY crafts for yourself