How to Survive a Winter’s Day in the U.S.

The National Park Service has issued a warning to outdoor enthusiasts, saying they could get frostbite or other health effects if they enter the National Park.

A winter’s day typically begins in early spring with the beginning of spring snow and frost, and ends in early summer when temperatures reach the mid-30s.

The NPS said people should be careful walking and camping in winter because of the risk of frostbite.

The warning follows the death of a 25-year-old man at a campground in New Jersey last week who died from hypothermia, dehydration and dehydration-related injuries. 

National Park Service guidance issued Thursday: You are encouraged to be vigilant about your surroundings when hiking, camping, visiting wildlife and taking pictures.

Avoid close contact with the snow and ice.

Do not stay in the same place at all times. 

Snow removal is expected to begin on Saturday, according to the NPS.

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