Indoor air pollution is a real issue in Australia, says scientist

AUSTRALIA is in a race against time to reverse air pollution problems in cities after it was reported that indoor air pollution levels have risen dramatically since summer.

Key points:The air quality index, known as AQI, in Melbourne is at a record high, as is in Sydney, and in Perth it is at the highest level ever reportedIn Melbourne, the air quality indices are at record highs and in Sydney it is in the highest recorded AQI levelIn Perth, the AQI is at an unprecedented record highIn both cases, air quality measures have been shown to improve over time, with a recent report predicting a reduction in PM2.5 concentrations from 40-50 micrograms per cubic metre in February to just 15-20 microgrammes per cubic meter in September.

But the air is still very bad.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported the average AQI in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth was 38.7, 40.4, and 39.4 microgramms per cubic metres, respectively.

“The numbers are getting worse and worse, and the trends are quite worrying,” said Dr Richard Drennan, director of the Melbourne Institute of Public Health and Environmental Science.

“There is an ongoing trend to increase the concentration of these particles, which can have health impacts.”

These numbers indicate that we have a real problem in Melbourne.

“In Sydney, the average daily AQI was 41.6, while the daily average in Perth was 43.6.

The highest daily air quality was recorded in Melbourne on July 11, when the AQIs were at a level of 36.5.”

It is a major public health concern in the city of Melbourne,” Dr Drennahan said.”

As more and more people leave the city, there are more and longer days when there are very low levels of PM2.

“Aquatic fish, which make up most of Melbourne’s fish supply, are also affected by the pollution.

The pollution can affect fish, including salmon, tunas, bluefin tuna and king mackerel.

In Perth the air was particularly unhealthy on July 13 when the air index was at an average of 42.5, with AQIs exceeding 200, the highest AQI recorded.

In Melbourne the air pollution was reported at a peak of 44.7.”

We are seeing a huge increase in AQI,” Dr Rennan said.AQI, the national air quality standard, measures the concentration and size of particles emitted from an object or source.”

If you are an outdoor user, then it is going to affect your health,” Dr Nelsey said.

However, she stressed the situation in Melbourne was not as bad as other areas.”

This is a very complex issue,” she said.”[It is] a combination of factors, including the seasonal changes and the increasing number of people who are not using their outdoor space.

“Our research shows the AQ level is actually improving and that there is more air quality in Melbourne than there was at the start of the year.”


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