Inside the world’s best indoor dog park

Inside the home of the world class indoor dog, and dog park, indoor grill and indoor plant pots.

A cozy, comfortable and relaxing home with a great selection of indoor dogs and dog food.

All dogs are available for adoption and will be provided with a clean and new home each day.

Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, we offer a great shopping experience for you to enjoy and we also offer a dog park.

The dog park offers great access to the city and surrounding neighborhoods.

Located at 7200 South Milwaukee Ave, you can easily park in the lot and walk to your pet’s cage and play area.

Enjoy the convenience of your pet cage and pet area and enjoy the variety of dog food and dog treats available.

Pets are always welcome to come play, but please remember to take your time to inspect and feed your pet each day before heading out for a walk.

We also offer dog grooming and pet insurance and we are always available to help.