‘My Baby Swing’ launches online for $99.99

Next BigFuture, the online home improvement and decor store owned by online retailer Next Big, announced its new indoor baby swing product this week.

The product features a fully-functional crib and has a 30-minute timer to make it a breeze to set up.

It’s the product Next Big is trying to make a household staple, but it’s a pretty steep price for an affordable product.

The company’s website currently has a list of pre-order offers, with the crib set at $99,000 for the base model.

It comes with the ability to add a second baby swing.

The price is the same as what you’d pay for a fully functional crib, but the product is more customizable and easier to use than a standard crib.

“We have a family who loves it,” Next Big founder and CEO Jason Bessette said in a press release.

“The crib is the perfect size for babies, and they’re really easy to move around.

They’re a lot of fun to play with and they really do make the crib feel like a place to put your little one.”

The company said the product will be available online for pre-orders starting April 17.

Next Big also announced a new line of indoor furniture, called the My Baby Swing: Home, that includes an air-conditioned indoor swing, a kitchen countertop, a baby swing, and an indoor bathtub.

The two sets are available in black and gold, with a $99 price tag.

The My Baby Sink will have a similar design as the crib, and will feature an air conditioning unit, an electric timer, and a built-in baby showerhead.

The sink can also be used as a storage unit.

The kitchen countertops and bathtub will come in a variety of colors.

Next Black and White will feature a different design, but they also come in black or gold.

Both sets of products are $99 each, and are available now.

NextBig is a relatively new company.

Its online store has been around since 2014, but Bessettes founder and president, and founder and COO, Adam Smith, left the company last year.

Smith recently left the retail company he founded in 2013, and his wife is now the CEO.

The couple is still behind the scenes, however, and Smith has remained tight-lipped about Next Big.

“It’s really a testament to the people at NextBig, and Adam Smith and I, that we’ve made this transition from being just a few people who were just working in the technology space,” Besset said in an interview.

“I think we’ve just gotten to the point where we’re now able to get away from the retail side of things and really focus on building and marketing our own online store.”