The 10 Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations 2018

AUSTRALIA has seen a surge in indoor Christmas decorations in recent years, with a range of indoor decorations popping up all over the country.

The number of Christmas decorations has risen steadily over the past few years, but the sheer number of indoor displays has grown exponentially in recent months.

The rise in numbers has been a surprise to many as it comes after a period of slow growth for the festive season.

One of the biggest trends for indoor decorations has been the trend for plants, which have been sprouting up around homes in Australia.

These days, a wide range of festive plants are cropping up in Australia’s homes, including the traditional redwood, white pine and balsam fir, as well as the traditional kiwi.

A growing number of Australians have also been turning to more modern decorating techniques to celebrate the holiday season.

These include the use of plant walls, which are covered with flowers and leaves and are used as decoration for all indoor spaces.

The Christmas wall is typically made of a thin layer of plant material and can be used to cover up a room or create a special spot for the holiday decoration.

The Australian Department of Agriculture and Food has been pushing the use and adoption of plant wall decorations in Australia for a number of years.

The department’s chief executive, John Anderson, said the walls were a very important part of the decorating process.

“Our plant wall is really about the idea that you’re not just decorating your house, but you’re really bringing the people and the environment into the house,” he said.

“And then we’re trying to use the wall as a focal point and you’re actually able to capture the holiday spirit into the home and bring people together in a really meaningful way.”

Mr Anderson said the department’s plant wall program had been a success, with many homeowners adopting the practice.

“We’ve had some incredible responses, some amazing responses, so the plant wall was really a success,” he added.

Mr Anderson also said that in recent weeks, there had been an increase in the number of people visiting the department for a plant wall.

“I think that’s because the number and number of plants that have been planted in Australia has been increasing in the last couple of years,” he explained.

“So people are more interested in the plantwall because of the Christmas spirit and the celebration.”

What are your Christmas decorating tips?

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