The Hill: California grows pot indoors

Growing cannabis indoors may soon be a reality for a lot of California residents, who are looking for ways to protect their crops from the elements.

As of January 1, the state is going to begin requiring outdoor pot to be at least 50 percent full.

This will allow growers to more easily maintain and protect their indoor plants from harsh weather conditions.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has set a goal to produce a plant-specific nutrient-rich indoor soil to help keep your plants healthy and grow taller and healthier.

The state says the goal is to achieve 100 percent of indoor soil by 2021, and to be able to maintain at least that level by 2035.

The new rule will apply to indoor and outdoor pot growing.

The goal is for farmers to have a plant in the ground that is at least 40 percent full by 2021.

The average indoor soil in California is 60 percent full, and the average outdoor soil is 70 percent full according to the Department of Agriculture.

California is not the first state to set an indoor soil requirement.

Oregon is the first to require soil to be in the soil at least 70 percent by 2021 according to a report by the Oregon Department of Public Health and Science.