The indoor privacy screen will soon be on sale in Australia

A new indoor privacy device has been launched in Australia, and it will offer a new kind of privacy.

The ‘indoor Palm Plants’ product is currently only available to members of the Royal Australian Air Force.

However, now that the product is available to the public, the company is expanding its range.

The Palm Plant is a device that captures light from a single palm tree and sends it back to the device’s remote control.

The remote can then display the photo in a virtual tree, or it can be used to turn the device on and off.

The device also works with the Apple iPhone and Android smartphone apps, and can be easily switched on and controlled remotely.

The product was developed by a group of Australian engineers from the Australian National University (ANU), with funding from a grant from the Queensland Government.

The project is part of the ANU’s Research in Digital Media and Entertainment Research programme.

The company is also currently developing a camera that will monitor the world around the palm trees, to record photos and video.

The privacy product will be available in Australia this winter.

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