The indoor rabbit house is a ‘must-have’

The indoor pet rabbit house, a luxury item in India that can cost as little as Rs 5,000, has become a household staple in the country.

With the cost of a one-bedroom apartment starting at Rs 3 lakh and growing with each successive move, there is a sense that a single room is better than many, said Manoj Bhargava, owner of an indoor rabbit farm in the western city of Kanpur.

“We used to have about 300 rabbits, but now we have about 1,000,” he said.

The indoor home has become the go-to item in Kanpur, where many are looking for a smaller, more comfortable room.

“It is just a small room but it is so comfortable and quiet,” said a villager, R. S. N. Singh.

With so many people wanting to live in small spaces, many are also opting for smaller houses.

According to the Urban Land Institute, India’s population is growing at a rate of 8 per cent a year.

“The demand for indoor spaces is increasing at a rapid pace and the demand for smaller apartments is increasing too,” said Anil Kumar, an urban land and housing expert.

While the number of such apartments is growing, so are the number for the small, private apartments.

According the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), only 14.3 per cent of households have a small apartment, while nearly 50 per cent have one or more.

This is despite the fact that there are nearly one lakh private apartments in the city.

“In Delhi, about 20 per cent apartments are bigger than the average of two-storey homes,” said Mr. Kumar.

This has prompted the urban planners to make their plans for a more compact living space, which is a “must-achieve item” for people looking for more space, he said, adding that more people are seeking apartments that are at least three or four storeys.

“There are so many rooms in small apartments that people want more space.

The space is so small, you need to walk to the other end,” said S.N. Singh, who owns the rural-based pet rabbit farm.

“You need to be able to walk up and down the stairs.

It is just as important to be comfortable and safe.”

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