Waterfalls in Calgary

Calgary, Alberta (CN) – In a new city that has long been known as a hotbed for outdoor waterfountains, the Calgary Waterworks is adding another indoor waterfall to its collection.

Located in a small park, the new indoor waterfall is located in the back yard of a bungalow.

The Calgary Water Works announced Wednesday that it will start collecting water from the new outdoor fountain.

The company will also begin testing the new fountain to see if it can meet the company’s specifications.

This year’s outdoor waterfall is part of a series of upgrades to the Calgary River that will include a new waterfall in the water bowl.

It’s the third time in as many years the Calgary waterworks has begun collecting water in the same location.

The city began collecting water for the water fountain in the spring of 2016, and plans to continue to do so until the end of 2019.

The waterworks will be collecting water to make sure it stays in the bowl and does not evaporate.