What to know about the indoor window shuttering ban in New York City

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and City Council members are pushing to lift a state law that prevents indoor windows from being shuttered.

Cuomo and City Attorney Daniel Donovan, who is also a Democrat, signed a bill into law Thursday to allow city-owned buildings to install a single-use glass curtain, which could allow for windows to be shuttered when they are not in use.

But the bill’s language still says that “no person shall erect, operate, maintain or allow to be erected any door, window, screen, or other device for or against the exclusive use of the occupant of such building, building structure or other structure to be used exclusively for or for the exclusive purpose of preventing the entrance or exit of persons, or obstructing or preventing the passage of vehicles.”

Cuomo, a Democrat who has called for a ban on all indoor windows, says it is not about limiting people from leaving their homes.

He says it’s about preventing dangerous situations that could result in injuries, death and property damage.

“We have a very dangerous city, and it’s just not about locking people out of their homes, it’s not about shutting down their businesses,” Cuomo said on CBS News’ “Face the Nation.”

“It’s about protecting the safety of New Yorkers, and we need to be protecting the people who are living here.

So, we want to protect the people of New York.

We don’t want to have a situation where somebody is living here that is not safe.”

Cuomino says that this is not a blanket ban, and he says he has heard from people who have concerns about how it will affect their business.

The bill passed the Assembly and Senate in May, and has already cleared both chambers of the state legislature.

Cuomio has said that his goal is to have the legislation passed by the end of the year.

He has also proposed allowing people who own homes to purchase curtains from a home improvement store, or rent them out to other tenants.

The governor says he hopes to do both.

In New York, the state prohibits people from using curtains on their own homes, unless it’s to keep out rain or snow.

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