What’s inside the indoor swing chairs of your backyard?

A growing number of homeowners are buying indoor swing sets, but not all of them are happy with the quality of the fixtures.

A growing list of homeowners have complained about the quality and durability of the wooden and metal surfaces inside their indoor planter.

The indoor planers and swing sets are popular with home buyers, but many homeowners are also unhappy with the overall design of the indoor products, which include large indoor grow lights and an artificial indoor tree.

The large grow lights can be a hassle for those who have a home with an air conditioner or who live in hot climates, and some homeowners have found they have to take off their outdoor furniture when it gets too hot.

The swings are also made with wooden and aluminum and the swings themselves are often difficult to clean and maintenance-free.

A growing number are now purchasing indoor swing furniture, but some are not happy with how they look and feel, according to a survey by real estate consultancy RealtyTrac.

The survey found that 70 percent of people who own or plan to purchase indoor swing tables, planters and swings said they were dissatisfied with their outdoor products, with 29 percent saying they were very or somewhat dissatisfied with the design of their indoor products.

The remaining 16 percent were not sure or did not have an opinion.

Some of the swing furniture that people said they are unhappy with included wooden planters made with an industrial-grade aluminum material and wooden planter bases that have a low-gloss finish.

Others include planters with a wooden top and a plastic base, but only two have the plastic finish.

Some planters are made of wood and metal, while others are made out of aluminum.

The top and bottom of the planter also appear to be made out from aluminum.

Many homeowners say they do not know where to get the wood and aluminum planters that they need to get their indoor swing set up.

And some have had to make their own because they can not find the materials online.

The wooden planer base that most people say they are dissatisfied with has a metal base that has a hard plastic finish, and a wooden plan of a similar size, according a survey of 1,200 people by Realty Trac.

One of the most common complaints people had about the wood planer is that it is not sturdy enough, said Kristin Deacon, Realtytrac’s director of research and analysis.

Another complaint about the wooden planers is that they do require regular maintenance.

For example, some people say the wooden base on the bottom of a swing is difficult to keep in place, while another has to change out the plastic pieces every couple of years.

Another problem people had with the wooden plans is that some of the plans had gaps in them and that made them too fragile to keep up with changes in temperature.

The majority of people said that the metal planer bases were the only two items that did not meet their needs.

People also said that there was a high amount of noise from the metal bases, as well as a high likelihood that the wood plans would not last as long as the metal ones.

Realtytrack said that some homeowners had not found the plans that they needed in a local online store.

In a response to questions about the survey, Realtrac said it had not received any complaints from people who were unhappy with their indoor grow light or planter, and that it was not responsible for the quality or design of its products.