When does outdoor gas heating stop?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has announced that indoor gas heaters are now banned in indoor locations.

The bureau said that in 2016, more than 710 million indoor gas heating units were installed in Australia, and that of those, over 100,000 were in Victoria.

The bureau has said that indoor heating was responsible for over 30 per cent of indoor carbon dioxide emissions.

The move comes after more than 400,000 people in Victoria signed a petition against the closure of gas heating in their home.

As a result, the Victorian Government banned indoor gas heater use in December 2016, while the federal government said that the ban was to ensure indoor air quality was maintained.

In a statement issued by the Bureau of Meteorology, the bureau said it would now focus on the areas where indoor gas is used and will update its data in the future.

“The Bureau of Meterology has updated the gas heating and ventilation (GTH) data for Victoria and New South Wales to reflect the current gas heat content in residential buildings, and will also update its Gas Emissions Database for Australia in order to provide an overall measure of gas emissions from indoor heating,” the bureau’s statement said.

“This is to be done to improve the understanding of the impacts of indoor gas use on air quality, and to improve understanding of indoor air health.”

“It will be important to ensure that gas heat used to heat residential buildings is not the source of emissions that are contributing to indoor air pollution, and is managed to reduce those emissions,” the statement added.

The Victorian Government has since ordered the closure and removal of gas heat in residential areas.

Gas heat is used to power outdoor spaces, such as a pool or gym, and indoors in order for indoor residents to get sufficient energy for their daily activities.

A spokesperson for the Bureau told RTE that “the gas heating systems that we use in residential premises are used to provide energy to these areas.”

There is no legal requirement that these systems be installed in any public accommodation, and no legislation requires gas heat systems to be installed anywhere in Victoria.””

The gas heating industry is very sensitive to the fact that these regulations are affecting the supply of gas, so we are working with the Victorian Gas Supply Alliance to ensure our gas supply is not impacted by these regulations.

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