When is the next football game?

At this point in the season, the Italian footballing world is almost in a state of shock.

A week ago, Milan took a 3-0 lead over Juventus in Turin when, against the backdrop of the Italian capital, Milan fans started chanting, “Holloa!


The chants are part of a new Italian anthem called “Hello” that is becoming increasingly popular, both within and outside the country. 

In the days since the match, fans in Turino have been singing the song with increasing frequency, with the chant becoming so popular that it has been adopted by the national team. 

“When will we get the next Italian Football League game?” one fan asked me after the match. 

The answer: Soon. 

On Sunday, Italy will host the winner of the upcoming World Cup qualifier between Greece and Albania, and this is likely to be the first time that the Italians have faced a team from Albania. 

After winning their opening fixture in Turina last week, the Albanians came back in style against Milan and managed to earn a 2-0 victory, the result of which was confirmed by the Albanian Football Federation. 

Albania is currently in second place in Group D, behind France, and while their win over Milan was a bit of a shocker, they have managed to score more goals than any other team in the group. 

However, it wasn’t enough for Albania, as they fell 3-1 in a match against Montenegro in the next round of fixtures. 

Italy, on the other hand, are a match away from the final, and their chances of securing a place in the final are slim at best. 

Despite their narrow scoreline, the game is being played at the Colosseum in Turini. 

There, Italy’s coach, Francesco Guidolin, has admitted that the Italian national team is looking to win the match in a friendly, with coach Alessandro Nesta stating that “they are looking to play in front of their hometown crowd”. 

If Italy manage to win their next match, they will face France in Turincamp on Saturday, April 14. 

At the moment, the only match that has been played in the Colasseum is against France on March 30. 

So far, the Italians are undefeated in Serie A so far, but the teams have only met once, at the Stadio Olimpico in Turinia. 

Both teams have managed a combined 5-0 win, with Juventus beating Milan 2-1. 

A team like Milan has to be very careful with their fans chanting the Albanese anthem in the stadiums, as the chant is considered a racist one. 

And if the Albania team manages to beat Italy in the upcoming match, will the Albanes ever get their chance to play Italy in Turinal? 

It’s been said that the Albanias will play the final in Turins stadium in the coming days, but we will have to wait and see. 

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