When New Jersey lawmakers voted to cut back on outdoor recreational shooting and outdoor camping, they made a mistake

New Jersey legislators voted Thursday to cut backyard hunting and outdoor recreation by two-thirds.

The Republican-controlled state Senate and Assembly voted to pass the bill, which was unanimously approved by the state House.

The House passed it Wednesday night.

It’s the second time the House has voted to reduce outdoor recreation in the last three years, following a similar measure passed in March.

The bill was signed by Gov.

Chris Christie on Tuesday.

The new bill allows hunters and outdoorsmen to enjoy the outdoors on a Saturday and Sunday, and allows them to bring in firearms for the same time period.

It also allows the use of a range.

The vote came just a few hours after a bipartisan group of lawmakers sent a letter to the governor urging him to reverse the vote.

It said the bill “is a step backwards in our state’s commitment to protecting our open spaces, our hunting and fishing opportunities, and our families’ enjoyment of our state and its beautiful countryside.”

In addition to the reduction in recreational shooting, the bill also allows hunters to bring their own shotguns to the range.

“While we applaud the legislators who voted to remove the ban on the possession of firearms at the outdoor range, it’s important to recognize that our legislation does not eliminate the ban, nor does it reduce the number of hunting opportunities that can be available,” the letter said.

“Our state and nation need to do more to ensure that every single family has the opportunities to enjoy our outdoors.”

Christie vetoed the bill in January.

The legislation has also faced criticism from conservationists, who have said that the bill will make hunting and recreational shooting more difficult for the state’s hunters and outdoor sportsmen.

“There’s a lot of talk about protecting hunting, and I don’t think we’re doing a good enough job of that,” Democratic Sen. Tom Kean said in January, before the vote, during a visit to a shooting range.

Kean was one of four Republicans to vote against the bill.

He has since been a vocal critic of the bill and said that he would have supported it had he been the one who voted against it.

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