When the Irish have no money to buy shoes: An online auction goes viral

As the Irish football team’s annual budget is set to be cut by almost half, many fans are wondering whether their teams shoe purchase will be impacted.

As the club is in a budget crunch, fans are hoping the new sponsorship deal with Adidas will save them some money.

The Irish team’s new ad campaign featuring a local football player and the Adidas logo has raised eyebrows and led to some questions over how much will the team have to pay for their football gear.

Now, an online auction has raised some eyebrows, and it’s raising questions about how much the Irish will have to shell out for their shoes.

According to a post on the Irish Soccer Facebook page, a group of fans are bidding on five pairs of Adidas Premier Soccer Shoes.

While the Adidas ad has the slogan “You can have all the shoes you want,” the auction site has a number of questions about the ad.

For example, how much is the total price of each pair of shoes?

And how much does the average price of the shoe vary for each pair?

And who are the “buyers”?

In an Instagram post, the group said that they were looking for “a pair of Premier Soccer shoes for £200” with the caption, “I would pay £200 if I could.”

According to the post, “We can get that price for £150.

The price difference is a couple of hundred bucks.”

As of Tuesday, the auction had raised nearly $1,300.

The auction was a success and the group has now put the number of pairs they’ve bought at nine.

So far, the Adidas Premier Shoes have sold for $1.49 each.

“Our hope is that the bidding will go up to $2,000, which is where we want to be,” a group member of the group told the Irish Times.

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