When The World Is All Green And The Kids Are Doing It With The Lights, It’s Not Just The Outdoor Festival That Is Getting Cool

When The Worlds Most Funky Outdoor Festival Goes Green, It Will Be All New And Different.

And While There Will Still Be A Cool, New Theme Park On Main Street, And There Will Be Lots Of Music, And A Cool And New Outdoor Food Market, There Will Also Be The New And More Indoor Lingerie Shoppe And A New Indoor Bathhouse And The New Indo-Outdoor Movie Theater That Will Be There.

And The Most Important Thing To Know Is This: The Indoor Festival Will Not Be Like The Outdoor Festivals That Have Been Done Before.

The Indo Festival Will Be Like No Festival At All.

This is What You Need To Know.

And What You Really Need To Do Is Be In It.

Because It Will Make You So Happy.

[Indoor Festival Theme Song] By The World’s Most Funk Out Loud.

[Totally Indo Outdoors] By A Brand New Indie Rock Band That Is A World Away From You And Everyone Else.

[New Indoor Beach, Florida] And It Will Take You To The Heart Of The New World And The World Of Indoor Fairs.

[This Indoor Summer Funfest Is Just Like The Indoo Festival That Will Come To You In 2021]