Why outdoor shutters can save your indoor living

If you’ve been considering buying a new outdoor fireplace, you might want to reconsider after a new study suggests indoor shutter technology could save you money on your energy bills.

In the new study, researchers from Cornell University and the University of Washington showed that indoor shuttering has a greater potential for saving energy costs than outdoor shuttering.

In fact, they found that a typical house that had indoor shuttered was about 20 percent more efficient than an average house with an outdoor fireplace.

That’s because a standard home with a standard fireplace will heat its house up by taking a large amount of heat from the outside.

But if you’ve got an outdoor fire, the heat that comes out of your fireplace will be transferred to the house by the wind and the air conditioning.

The researchers say their study is the first to show that a small amount of energy savings can be achieved by building a standard-size outdoor fireplace that will transfer the heat from a standard indoor fireplace.

They also found that even with a smaller fireplace, the energy savings are still substantial.

If you want to save even more money, you could buy an outdoor gas fireplace or a larger one.

They both use the same type of heating element and use a similar amount of air in their combustion chamber.

But they’re different in the way they burn fuel.

The bigger gas fireplace can burn more fuel and produce more heat.

And a bigger outdoor gas furnace will heat up your house more efficiently.

The energy savings from a gas fireplace are significant because the amount of electricity that goes into making the fuel is very small.

So, if you’re in a high-demand area, you can save even less electricity.

But the savings from an outdoor electric fireplace are not as great because the heat coming from the fireplace comes from the sun.

The researchers say this is because the energy from an electric fireplace is converted into heat that goes directly into the combustion chamber instead of being transferred to your house by your wind.

That’s because when you’re building a new home, the heating of your home is not always going to be ideal.

The house may not be heated to the same temperature as you like, or it may not have an air conditioning system.

In addition, if there’s a problem with the electrical system, you may not know that the problem exists until the electricity supply is interrupted and your electricity is restored.

In a typical home, an outdoor furnace is powered by a generator and usually uses about 20 to 30 percent of the energy that’s generated by the furnace.

An electric furnace, on the other hand, uses about 40 to 50 percent of its energy.

That means that an electric furnace is able to use up to 60 percent of what the furnace uses.

So how does an electric fire do its magic?

The researchers found that the energy used by an electric house is roughly the same amount of power that is generated by a standard gas fireplace.

But, because the electric house uses a larger amount of electrical power, the electricity generated by an electrical house is more efficient.

The energy that the electric furnace uses is approximately half of what you would use in an indoor fireplace, so an electric gas fireplace is about 20 times more efficient at transferring heat from your fireplace to the outside of your house.

The authors say the study is a useful first step in determining whether the same types of energy efficiency savings that are reported for gas and electric furnaces can be obtained from the same kinds of energy that an indoor gas fireplace provides.

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